Over the past year we have experienced postponements, cancelations, and changes of all sorts, we have learned to hit pause on many things in life. Jesus has called His Church to make disciples by sharing the hope of the Gospel and this work can not be on pause. The stakes are high and, pandemic or not, there has to be an urgency to communicating the wonderful truth of the Gospel with our friends, families, neighbors, and community. You know the facts just like I do. Everyday people are dying without a personal relationship with Jesus and going to Hell to be separated from God, forever. As a matter of fact, the International Mission Board estimates that, just over 154,000 people die every day and enter eternal Hell. We cannot save these people or the world, only Jesus can, but we can do our part by sharing the message of what Jesus has done, to set us free from sin and give us life. Let us join as a body of believers, to do our part. Every person in our church family seeking to have intentional relationships to share the hope of the Gospel. The Time is Now to Share Hope Now!!!

We all will have goals and resolutions going into this new year. I want to challenge you to commit in doing your part by impacting those in your circle of influence with the Gospel Message. Click below to say “IM IN”. This way we can pray for one another and encourage each other in this effort that will make a difference for eternity.

Share Your Stories

Our Goal is to share the hope of the gospel with 730 individuals by Dec 31, 2022. Let’s take a first step towards this goal by engaging 31 individuals, the first month of 2021. We want to celebrate together along the way. Let us know who you are sharing or have shared the hope of the Gospel with. As you share, click button below to let us know about the conversation, how we can pray, and what we can do to come alongside you as we are all striving to be faithful to the mission of God